CSB Contractors Inc.

Paul Reynolds has been a leader in the studio construction business since the early 1980’s. Initially trained as a recording engineer, Paul worked with such industry giants as Jimmy Iovine and Don Smith on projects by U2, Tom Petty, and Stevie Nicks, among others. As a founder of CSB, Paul has utilized his sound engineering background and architectural training to build a construction company famous for creating cutting-edge studios. In the last several years, Paul, who is CSB's lead CEI-certified project manager, has joined partner Eva Lund in taking CSB to the next level — as the ultimate turnkey builders for acoustical facilities, as well as residential projects and other specialty installations.

Eva Lund has been instrumental in the launching of such high-profile theme restaurants as ESPN Zone and House of Blues, and in Universal Studios’ design and implementation of the ERP system for the theme park integration of the accounting, food service and warehouse functions. At House of Blues’ new media division, she pioneered simultaneous live broadcasts of concerts over the Internet and television. As the company’s CEI-certified construction supervisor, Eva brings her expertise in technology, finance, and client relations to CSB’s bold new direction.

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