CSB Contractors Inc.

Building Sound Without Limits

Elegance, Functionality, Innovation

In the last 18 years, CSB has earned its reputation as a leader in the design and building of recording and post-production studios in Southern California. Entertainment leaders like MCA, Sony, Capitol, and A&M have repeatedly put their trust in CSB to create state-of-the-future sound environments. With over 70 facilities completed, we have expertise in constructing specialty installations noted for their superior acoustical capabilities and elegant aesthetics. We have collaborated with leading designers and architects in this specialized field to create studios that are as beautiful as they are functional. We are dedicated to bringing a level of professionalism and technical achievement to all our clients, whether we're building a home entertainment installation or a studio specially designed for an individual artist.

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Craftsmanship meets the cutting edge

CSB Contractors are proven experts in the field of soundproofing and acoustical contracting. We are constantly exploring the latest technological and design innovations, and incorporating new "sound" ideas into every CSB project.

Building a home for your sound

CSB studios are designed to help you create the perfect sound in a comfortable environment with your tastes in mind. We will work within your budget to provide you with the appropriate sound control, absorption, and acoustical enhancement elements necessary for your particular needs.

CSB is a CEDIA-certified professional installer, and we offer the ultimate turnkey solution for your sound construction needs. We can design and build your studio from start to finish, or work in conjunction with an architectural design team. With our focus on efficient project management, communication, and teamwork, we can deliver the desired product on time, under budget and without stress.

We are team builders...

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